Reviewing Sharon’s Work

Sun Kiss

You just need to take one look at this picture to realise that it is fantastic. The colours are vibrant and show such warmth and peacefulness. The few colours used are warm bright colours, and are very beautiful when put together. These colours show such a beauty of life.

Sun Kiss

Looking at this picture, I can see a beautiful sunrise, with merging clouds and a melting sky. A dazzling beginning to a beautiful day. I think that this painting is showing how magnificent life is and how innocent it is, as it seems to have no blemishes at all!

This is a particular favourite of mine as it fills me with amazing vibes every time I see it.

Inner Vision II

I really do love this picture. It has so much contrast and flair. It is called ‘Inner Vision II’ which I think fits really well, as the vision is in the inner of the painting.

Inner Vision II

There are two big contrasts here. There is the darkness which represents to me the darkness and evil within life, and then there is that flaming, bright, burst of light in the centre which represents to me the brightness and beauty of life that is staring us in the face with such warmth. The red band between the black and white gives me the warm, fiery feel which gives the painting such emotion!

The other thing I notice about this picture is that it seems almost blurred and all the colour is swept together. This gives me the idea that although life has so much beauty, we have to look hard to find it although it is staring at us in the face! It passes us like a blur and all the beauty is mixed in with the evil.

This painting is a wonder. Every time I look at it, I see another deep inner meaning! It is wonderful!

Excerpts from Sharon Gee - Her Life And Work By Sarah Bliss. Copyright © Sarah Bliss

Our thanks to Sarah Bliss for her contribution to the library.

By Sarah Bliss


My personal study is based on a fantastic abstract artist called Sharon Gee. I fell in love with her work over the Internet and have felt passionate about it ever since! Her work is so unique and has a great energy! Her use of colour is just amazing! She has such an individual style with the most extraordinary inspiration.

During this project, I intend to explore Sharon’s work and her inspirations. I intend to learn and introduce her magic into my work. I want my work to produce a passion in somebody as Sharon’s work has produced in me.

I will also be trying to compare her work with that of O’Keeffe and Monet to find out how much of her work really is unique.

Anyway, I hope that this artist will inspire you as she has inspired me.

Painting ‘Gee’ Style

I have enjoyed learning about Sharon and her work but have not really learnt how her inspirations inspire her and how she puts so much magic into her work, until now.

First of all, I tried to copy her work but this did not really give me a very good insight as they were not originals, I could not be free with the brush and there was no emotion there.

Then I put together an inspiration sheet to find the things that Sharon may be inspired by and then I used these pictures to inspire myself. I then put together a sheet of my own ideas that had been inspired by the sort of things on the sheet and my mind just went wild!

Through painting my own pictures, I have really learnt how Sharon works. I have learnt why she does not plan her work and how she gets her inspiration and how she puts her passion into her pictures. This project has been so worth while doing!

Key Painting Points I Have Learnt

Inspirations come from the simple beauties in life.

A piece of work should not be planned.

Do not be afraid of colour.

Copying Sharon’s work will not show me in any way how she paints.

To learn how Sharon paints, the inspiration, emotion and painting have to be totally individual.

I need to use my own techniques and Sharon’s theories.


The principle of this project was to learn about Sharon Gee and her talent and to incorporate that into my work. I really wanted to learn how Sharon painted her master pieces. Looking back at my project now it is complete, I can say that I have achieved everything that I have set out to do. I have learnt a lot about Sharon, her life, achievements etc. I have also learnt how Sharon works and produces her paintings and I have astonishingly learnt how to paint like her.

During this project, I have come to admire Sharon even more than I did before. Studying Sharon has given me a totally new way of painting which I have gradually learned throughout doing this project. I have also been able to take a closer look in to her work. While reviewing it, I have seen so many inner meanings.

I have had no real problems in this project - in fact the things that I thought were problems, such as finding it hard to copy her pictures, turned out to teach me valuable lessons about how Sharon works. I was expecting to find out how Sharon painted but not to the extent that I did! I really surprised myself with the measure of emotion that filled me up once I had found something that inspired me, and the way it all poured out on to my canvas! It was so exhilarating! My work progressed well. There were things with some of my paintings that I was not happy with but it was very important to make these mistakes as they were what helped me to learn Sharon’s style.

Doing this project has helped me a lot with my work. Not only have I learnt how to paint in a new style, I have also learnt to get myself in a good frame of mind before I do any other pieces of work. The more inspired I get, the more energy I will have for my work, and the more productive it will be!

Similarities To Monet and O’Keeffe

I am beginning to understand how individual Sharon’s work is. After reviewing her work, I have really seen it in an even brighter light and am loving it even more. At first glance, her work really stood out to me and amazed me. Once I really looked at it properly, I was even more touched as her paintings have so much symbolism and beauty that I have never seen before in other paintings.

Although Sharon’s work is so individual, while looking through her work, I found a few paintings, which have similarities with Monet’s and Georgia O’Keeffe’s work.

Looking at Monet and Sharon’s work, I can see the similarities in the styles of painting. They are both blending the colours in the pictures together and are getting a blurred but beautiful result.

Monet’s work is mainly imagery whereas most of Sharon’s work is not, and Monet mainly used realistic colours, which is nice but Sharon is much less afraid of colour and uses it much differently.

When comparing Georgia O’Keeffe’s work to Sharon’s, you can see that they both share certain styles of painting. They both can see things simply and can use similar brush techniques such as very smooth or sharp block strokes.

Again, there are a lot of differences with their work. Sharon is better at using colour more vibrantly than O’Keeffe, and she can abstract things a lot more.

Although these samples are similar, Sharon’s work contains a lot more energy and colour than the others do. I can clearly say that although there are a few similarities with other pieces of work, Sharon’s style still seems very unique.

March 2001
Copyright © 2001 Sharon Gee