White Sands 36" x 30"

acrylic on canvas

Abstract art by international artist Sharon Gee online featuring a gallery of over 100 unique abstract art paintings and other works.

Always bringing a constantly fresh and original quality to her work, Sharon's natural ability to be continually creative is clearly demonstrated throughout. With her most individual style, Sharon is truly committed to art and the discovery of new ideas and techniques.

In her artist statement, Sharon talks of the inspiration of life and it is quite simply this love of life itself that inspires and influences Sharon's work. "Life is a gift - if we can learn to appreciate all the wonderful things on offer, then we will have the key to life and inner harmony. Nature is the healer - it soothes, replenishes, regenerates." - Sharon Gee - 1998

Sharon would like people to interpret her abstract art in their own way, believing that we all see and feel things differently depending on our experiences and personalities. Even the same person's interpretation of something can vary according to their current state of mind - in other words, how we see something today, may not be how we see it tomorrow.

The extensive online gallery offers a global opportunity to view and buy abstract art by Sharon.
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