The primary aim of this library is to provide a valuable reference and resource centre for those interested in studying the work of Sharon Gee at both a theoretical and practical level.

This is a very new project, undertaken principally in response to the number of students and others requiring further information about Sharon and her work and is obviously something that will develop naturally over the course of time. Ultimately, we hope to build the library into a unique educational tool for all ages providing archived material, essays, studies and other information to assist and perhaps inspire those looking for further resources and to offer those interested in reading more about Sharon a different perspective on her work.

We would like to include in the library a broad range of written material relating to Sharon including work by the young. Any literature on Sharon such as essays, studies or short texts will be considered for inclusion, either in part or in whole. If you have written or perhaps would like to write something you feel may be interesting for others or helpful as a reference and you would like to have it published in the library, please contact MANAGMENT.

This library will be an ongoing project and forms part of our commitment to education and the provision of information on the world wide web. In our endeavour to ultimately provide resources across as wide a spectrum as possible, we welcome submissions, both academic and non-academic, at all levels and ages.
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