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Interview With Sharon Gee - December 2002 By Candice Coy.

By Candice Coy

What is your background in art? Schooling?

Apart from the basic school education, I have had no particular tutoring in this area and am a completely self-taught artist. I think though I have always been very creative.

What influenced you in your art?

The primary influence in my art has been life itself and the whole beauty of life. Often very simple things such as the sun shining, I find quite beautiful and this has always given me a great energy. I feel this has been the main influence in my work so far.

How long have you been working as an artist?

I started painting in 1997 and became a professional artist in 1998 following a solo exhibition in the UK.

What media and techniques do you employ in your work?

Although I have tried many types of media, I am currently working mainly with acrylic on canvas. In terms of paint, I prefer acrylic to watercolour as a medium due its strength of colour and to oil since it dries more quickly and is cleaner to work with. I would always choose the medium I felt best and easiest to represent my idea and my main concern has always been to get the idea completed rather than the media.

In terms of techniques, I am always experimenting and never stick to any one technique in particular or pay much attention to this - I do whatever needs to be done to achieve the effect I am looking for.

How would you describe your individual style?

I would describe my style as abstract and essentially minimalist. I generally only ever depict those elements of any given subject I feel are necessary to reflect the idea. I find simplicity more dynamic and calming.

How often do you exhibit your work? And How? (galleries and through your website)

I normally have at least one or two exhibitions a year with galleries both in the UK and overseas. I also have arrangements with galleries to show my work on an ongoing basis. In addition, my work is exhibited on the web and this provides a complete and up to date catalogue of all my available work.

Have you won any special grants, awards, or fellowships for your artwork?

Two of my paintings have been chosen by Cambridge University Press to feature on the cover of books. I have actually never applied for any special grants, awards or fellowships and this has not been especially important to me - the best reward I can receive is when someone buys one of my works - I am delighted that my paintings are now held by many collectors around the world and are included in the private royal collection of The Queen Mother.

What are your opinions about the art world today?

I like the art world today, but believe it is much harder now for artists to make a name for themselves - most things have already been done, so it is far more difficult these days for artists to be different.

Who is your favorite artist? Why?

I do not really have a favourite artist - I like many different artists and not necessarily all works by any particular artist. If anything I would probably be more inclined to have favourite paintings rather than artists.

What inspired you to create art through painting?

Previously I had never done anything creative professionally and one day, I just had an overwhelming desire to try something creative and the initial inspiration to paint. Basically painting allows the portrayal of anything. Although an exceptional skill in itself, I personally have never wanted to paint anything exactly as it is - I see no point - for me, painting is an opportunity to create something never before seen and totally unique.
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