Return To Peace

Touching Base By Jae Malone. Copyright © Jae Malone

Jae is a freelance editor and prize winning writer from Connecticut, USA.

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By Jae Malone

The nibbling chill

chases me through the house,

noticed only after long ago laughter faded

and the phone, recradled,

snuffed out the back streets of time,

entered once a year or so

for six cents a minute.

The meandering has made me sleepy,

and it is, in fact, late;

but the bubbling remnants of song

first heard in snow storms

sheltered by wiggling walls and the wailing out

of wayward dreams

wants to be savored

while my pen quivers an ode to the cabal

afloat balloon-like in a button-down sky,

viewed from a peak, alone or in twos,

while the remainder hovers,

a mystical snarl

dancing 'round the girth

of the moon.
Copyright © 2001 Sharon Gee