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Sharon Gee By Candice Coy. Copyright © Candice Coy

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By Candice Coy

When I interviewed Sharon Gee via e-mail, since she is located in London, she was very nice and sincere. I enjoyed learning more about her and her artwork. I found her artwork through her gallery website at I recommend everybody take a look at it. First I wrote to her managing consultant, Ron. Then he agreed to the interview so I wrote to Sharon and she responded quickly and was very pleasant. I was excited about the interview after viewing her website gallery, I was amazed.

Sharon Naomi Gee is a wonderful Modern Abstract Artist. Her artwork is amazing. Sharon Gee was born in Kent, near Tunbridge Wells. Sharon has a "flair" for languages, specializing in French and German. She is a professional artist and lives and works in London. She started painting in 1997 and became a professional artist in 1998 following a solo exhibit she did in the United Kingdom, "Sharon’s first one-woman exhibition". She is naturally creative and it is demonstrated clearly in her artwork. An art critic and Professor from Chicago states that, Sharon Gee’s art is "simple, direct and this artist should surprise and delight both the general public and collectors". Sharon Gee’s "deeply held belief is that the five senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and a great awareness of the beauty of nature can evoke strong images and emotions. Life is a gift". She also believes that "nature is the healer - it soothes, replenishes, and regenerates." I really admire Sharon’s outlook on life and how it influences her paintings. Her artist statement states that "Life itself - this is the influence and inspiration in my painting" and it shows.

Sharon Gee is a "new and exciting British abstract artist and has achieved remarkable success and recognition through her style of abstract art". Her career has and is progressing rapidly internationally. Back to the beginning, Sharon is a self-taught artist and apart from her basic school education she doesn’t have any special training. When I asked her what has influenced her through her artwork she stated that "the primary influence in my art has been my life itself and the whole beauty of life". She also states that "often very simple things such as the sun shining, I find quite beautiful and this has always given me a great energy". Sharon explained that she had never done anything creative professionally until one day she had an overwhelming desire to try something creative and the initial inspiration to paint. She states that "basically painting allows the portrayal of anything" and she "never wanted to paint anything as it is … painting is an opportunity to create something never seen before and totally unique". When I asked her how she would describe her individual style she stated that "my style is abstract and essentially minimalist. I find simplicity more dynamic and calming". I have the same opinion with a lot of Sharon’s aspects of art and her unique style. Sharon has tried a lot of types of media and currently is mainly working with acrylic on canvas. She prefers "acrylic over watercolor as a medium due to its strength of color and to oil since it dries more quickly and is cleaner to work with. And would always choose the medium that she felt was the best and easiest way to represent her idea and to make it complete.

Sharon Gee has an online "Modern Art Abstract Gallery Online" that consists of many, many of her paintings of all different sizes, her artist profile, news and "press" about Sharon Gee. Sharon seems to be so sincere and down to earth. Her views of the art world today are that she believes that it is much harder now for artists to make a name for themselves. "It is far more difficult these days for artists to be different" since "most things have already been done". Sharon usually has one to two exhibitions a year with galleries here and in the United Kingdom. She also has made arrangements with galleries to show her work on an "ongoing basis". Two of Sharon Gee’s paintings have been chosen by Cambridge University Press to feature on the cover of books. Sharon states that the best reward for her is when somebody buys one of her works, and she is delighted that her paintings are now held by many collectors around the world and are included in the private royal collection of the "Queen Mother". Her work is admired all over the world. On her website she has critic reviews, one done by Simone Sinsley from the Institute of Chicago in March of 2000, states that "In her landscapes, monochromatic paintings, and still lifes, Gee creates designs both abstract and referential - avoiding dichotomy between abstract and figuration, that underlined much of twentieth century art". Sinsley also states that "Her compositions are not a second degree mirror that simply reflect reality, they are pictorial actualities that in a bold yet vulnerable style, explore traces of time in space". Sharon Gee is an extraordinary artist and seems like a great person through the interview. I really enjoyed talking with Sharon Gee and her managing consultant, Ron. They are both very nice. I am looking forward to seeing her art for years to come.

December 2002
Copyright © 2001 Sharon Gee